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Nov 9, 2023


Welcome to, the ultimate destination for your dream vacation to Bugarska! If you're looking for a serene coastal getaway, filled with stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and an abundance of cultural experiences, then you're in the right place. is committed to providing you with the most affordable and unforgettable Bugarska letovanje packages, tailored to your preferences and budget.

Why Choose Bugarska for Your Vacation?

Located on the eastern coast of the Balkan Peninsula, Bugarska offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, fascinating historical sites, and vibrant modern attractions. With its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and picturesque coastal towns, it is a paradise for beach lovers and sunseekers. Explore the scenic beauty of the Black Sea coastline, go diving, try various water sports, or simply relax under the warm Mediterranean sun.

Beyond its breathtaking beaches, Bugarska boasts a rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks. Visit ancient sites such as the Nesebar Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can discover well-preserved remnants of Roman and Byzantine architecture. Indulge in the local cuisine and savor traditional dishes, such as Banitsa (a delicious pastry) and Tarator (a refreshing yogurt and cucumber soup). Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals as you immerse yourself in their vibrant customs and traditions.

Affordable Bugarska Letovanje Packages at

At, we understand that everyone has different preferences and budgets. Therefore, we have designed a range of Bugarska letovanje packages to cater to your unique needs and ensure an unforgettable holiday experience. Our team of travel experts has carefully curated each package to provide you with the best value for your money.

1. Bugarska Beach Bliss Package

Indulge in the ultimate beach experience with our Bugarska Beach Bliss Package. Enjoy an all-inclusive stay at our handpicked beachfront resorts, offering stunning views and direct access to the pristine sandy beaches. Unwind, sunbathe, and take refreshing dips in the crystal-clear waters of the Black Sea. This package includes various activities, such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, and boat trips, ensuring a fun-filled and relaxing vacation.

2. Bugarska Cultural Heritage Package

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Bugarska with our Cultural Heritage Package. Explore the ancient towns of Nesebar and Sozopol, where the past comes to life through charming cobblestone streets, ancient ruins, and fascinating museums. Savour the traditional cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant local traditions. This package offers a perfect blend of historical exploration and cultural immersion.

3. Bugarska Adventure and Nature Package

If you're an adventure enthusiast and nature lover, our Adventure and Nature Package is tailored just for you. Embark on thrilling outdoor activities such as hiking and biking along the picturesque Balkan Mountains. Discover the hidden natural wonders of Bugarska, including stunning waterfalls, enchanting caves, and breathtaking national parks. This package is perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush amidst the scenic beauty of Bugarska.

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