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7 Top Attractions To Visit When You Vacation With Family In Orlando FL

Part of central Florida and Orange County, Orlando is perhaps the most heavily traveled vacation destinations in the Sunshine State. Have you ever been there before? Known as ‘The City Beautiful,’ Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and many of the best attractions in the country. Let’s take a look at 7 of the top places of interest in Orlando FL, out of nearly 400, according to a top travel site.

You might have seen a commercial for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When you select this adventure, you are at Universal Orlando Resort. The resort is home to Universal Studios, and it is also home to Islands of Adventure. One of the main rides at this popular destination is, of course, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Yet there are plenty of other rides there as well, and one of them coming soon is Transformers 3D. You will find The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at 6000 Universal Boulevard.

Located at 6000 Discovery Cove Way is, well, you guessed it, Discovery Cove! An amazing adventure awaits you and your family. You get to interact with all kinds of wildlife there, including dolphins and exotic birds. Schedule your dolphin swim, snorkel with the stingrays and get ready for some great family photos to be taken. Reviews mention that you might want to wear your swimsuit in order to be prepared. There are plenty of snack bars there, too, for when you and yours get hungry.

The picture on a travel site for Exotic Animal Experience shows a cute sloth upside down. There you will also find lemurs, wallabies, kangaroos and much more. It should be mentioned that you definitely need an appointment ahead of time to enjoy the Exotic Animal Experience. Additionally, reviews point to the fact that appointments are only available in the morning. This once in a lifetime experience will have you interacting with all kinds of animals you may have never seen in person before. The Exotic Animal Experience is on Quinlan Street in Orlando.

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Skeletons: The Museum of Osteology is located at 8441 International Drive. It is one of the most interesting museums you will find in Orlando. This attraction is said to be fascinating and a scientist’s dream. People also say it is great for all ages, and that no, it’s not morbid for the kids. It’s more of a learning adventure, a fascinating one that will show you animals like you’ve never seen them before. The displays are brilliant according to reviews, and people say you learn a whole lot while there.

Universal’s Island of Adventure was touched on earlier, and now it’s up for a closer look. Dinosaurs and King Kong himself are waiting for you at the Island of Adventure, located at 6000 Universal Boulevard. Notice that this is the same address as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s a separate attraction of course, and if you want to experience both of them, talk about making it easy. It might also be good to mention that this specific attraction is great for thrill ride enthusiasts.

You’ve certainly heard of Central Park in New York, and maybe you’ve even been there. Did you know that there is a Central Park near Orlando, too? It is located at 251 South Park Avenue, and it’s actually in Winter Park FL. It is listed on a travel site for Orlando attractions though, and it stuck out to me. It is said to be a nice place to relax. People say that there are quite a few places to eat nearby, too.

I just saw a commercial for Walt Disney World Resort, and it is a great choice for when you’re visiting Orlando with your family. The Walt Disney World Resort opens you up to a world of four different attractions. Epcot and Magic Kingdom are two of them, and then there is MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom, too. Each of these four attractions is listed individually on top 10 lists for places to visit in Orlando.

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If you make it to all 7 of those attractions within one vacation, you’re going to be there for months. The last place of interest has four independent attractions to visit. If you have never been to Orlando before, staying at the Walt Disney Resort would be an excellent choice. In fact, it’s always an excellent choice. Are you ready for your Orlando FL vacation?